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Hello Folks,

Universal Max 14 Delivers us evil - with the beautiful face of Chloe Morgan.  She may seem like a good girl on the surface, but beneath her flawless face lies a very dirty young cock socket!  She takes my rod up her ass while talking on the phone to her cute girlfriend who she wants to join in the action!

Next is the amazing dirty doll, Kelly 'Fuckin' Wells, who I pick up from Balboa Park.  I get her into the back of my 'Slade, and I'm soon putting the hurt on her asspipe as we're hurtling down the highway.  She bounces so hard on my rod that she nearly pops right out of the sun roof!  

Little Angel has no idea that that I've just led her onto my porn set where she will soon be anally gaped and gagged. Fortunately she thinks it's pretty cool, and she's soon burping up the cum I pumped down her throat.  Sometimes stupid is sexy. 

The last scene is with a Catalina with her perfect body, after a hot night out where we meet Johnny Knoxville at the Rainbow.  But the real action is back at the Chateau where we're soon getting down and dirty as only Catalina is capable of doing.

See Universal Max 14 in all it's piston-pumping anal-action, and you'll be glad you did.   Tell Max what you think at

- Max Hardcore

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